Message from Liz Dearsly - Committee

Message from Liz Dearsly - Committee

I hope you have had a good summer in these strange times.   It is difficult to believe that we are now well into autumn with Christmas seemingly only just around the corner.

As some members already know, I asked my colleagues in the U3A Art Group to send me photographs of the artworks they have produced since we last met.   I have received a wonderful response and some brilliant pictures.   Thank you to all who sent the photos of “lockdown” paintings and sketches.   We may not have been able to meet as a Group but we have continued to keep in touch and our activities have not really stopped.

It seems a good idea to share all this talent with members of Pocklington U3A and so we’ve decided to hold a virtual exhibition.   The pictures cover a wide range of subjects and styles and use a variety of media including acrylics, watercolour, oils and pencil sketches.   The full exhibition can be found on P&D U3A website in the section marked Gallery / Art Group.

A big thank you to everyone involved for making this possible.

At almost the start of “lockdown” the P&D U3A President wrote about the ‘silence’ that marked the pandemic.   Things have now changed ,traffic is almost back to normal , we go about our daily lives in almost normality, reminded only of our strange situation by face masks and social distancing and you can even visit shops pubs and restaurants ….but be home by 10pm…..even Cinderella was allowed to stay out until midnight!   And what could be more normal than for those living in Pocklington who have experienced weeks of disruption with digging holes in the pavement and road works as Super Fast Wi-Fi fibre cables were laid.   Sometimes holes were dug in the same place more than once and you can’t get more normal than that.

We now move into autumn when in previous years our U3A would be in full flow as groups restarted, after what traditionally would have been a summer break. 

This year all has changed; some groups have managed to keep going using Zoom and other forms of social media whilst others have kept in touch by phone.   However nothing compares with face to face meetings and the Committee appreciate this and are always looking at ways to keep in touch.   It would be great to hear of any ideas you may have about improving communication with all our membership.

Last time we had a short piece from Richard Hawkins and how his Wine Group continued to keep in touch and discover new wines.   As it now seems very likely that we will have more months of limited contact the Committee is interested to hear updates from other Group Leaders and members about their experiences in their groups and any other interesting activities they may have been doing over the past few months.   It would be great to share items from Groups in future communication updates.

As mentioned above, if you have any thoughts on improving communication with members or if you have any items/updates from your Group you would like to share with the whole of the P&D U3A membership then email the Secretary Ron Tinkler at  Don’t worry about getting the words and layout exactly right, it's about getting your message out there and Ron will help with putting it all together.   Here are some current updates.

Pauline Dobson Group Leader Low Impact Circuits (used to be Healthy Lifestyle) has let us know that the sessions have now restarted at Francis Scaife Leisure Centre on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-15am to 10am.  The cost is £2.80p and a reservation booking must be made as the capacity is only 16 people.   This is not a group that is restricted to just U3A members but it is open to all U3A members as you don’t have to have previously been a member of the Healthy Lifestyle Group.

All arrangements are “Covid compliant” and Francis Scaife Members can book two days in advance, everyone else one day, booking reservations can be made either on-line or by telephone.   Bookings are essential and anyone who just turns up speculatively is unlikely to be able to join the session.

It seems a long time into the future but the Travel Group (Group Leader Glynis Moorhouse) have advised that they are planning a trip to Scampston Hall and Walled Garden for 31/05/21.   Details are in the ‘News’ section on the website.

The Archaeology Group (Group Leaders Peter & Brenda Ellenger) have maintained a busy Zoom type schedule since March of this year.   Their latest monthly newsletter is now available on the website for all U3A members in Resource Centre / Group Information.  The Newsletter from Archaeology is always interesting.

Stay Safe

Liz Dearsly (Committee)



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Message from Liz Dearsly - Committee

Message from Liz Dearsly - Committee

I hope you have had a good summer in these strange times.   It is difficult to believe tha...

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