Message from Ron Tinkler (Secretary)

Message from Ron Tinkler (Secretary)


AGM 2021

It is provisionally planned to hold the 2021 AGM at The Methodist Chapel, Chapmangate, Pocklington at 2.00pm on Thursday 22nd of July 2021.

Nomination Forms for vacancies on the Committee and details on submitting items for the Agenda will be circulated on or around the 10th of June with a return date of 24th of June. 

Official Notice of the AGM will be issued on the 25th of June and will include, Agenda, Minutes of the 2020 AGM and the Accounts for the year 01/04/20 to 31/03/21.


What do you call a songbird that has forgotten how to sing….A Hummingbird


With the gradual easing of Lockdown restrictions a number of local venues, that have been used regularly by some of our Groups, have started to re-open.

 While some have put in place their own Health & Safety protocols there is no reason why any u3a Group should be concerned about meeting again in these locations, 

Venues include; Bowling Club, Scout Hut, Gliding Club, Old Court House, Methodist Church and All Saints Church Meeting room. Although a little out of date, you can find information on all our venues, including facilities available and contact details on the website in Resource Centre All Downloads   Group Leader Handbook

At this stage we have not been informed by ERYC of a definite date for re-opening Burnby Community Hall, but they are aware that we would like at least to return to our Drop In sessions on the morning of the first Thursday of each calendar month.


We are currently still awaiting confirmation from TAT of operating arrangements and a “go live” date.

We have however registered our interest as a u3a with TAT and have received some further information.

Members will receive a unique personal number from their u3as. TAT will advise P&D u3a of the series of numbers allocated for our members. When the scheme goes live, members will be able to access the “u3a Click and Save” portal and use those details to register and get a savings account.

This will give members access to the list of retailers and suppliers that offer rebates on purchases through the scheme. Members will need to complete an online document to activate their unique account.


You may recall that in a previous circular of the Email Members Update earlier this year, mention was made of a national u3a King Lear Poetry Competition. One of our members (who wishes to remain anonymous) entered the competition and achieved a Highly Commended Award.

He/She is too modest to come forward and to even publish their poetry but hearty congratulations from all in P&D u3a. 


East Yorkshire and Aviation have strong historical links dating back to the establishment of Blackburn Aviation (later Hawker Sidley & British Aerospace) at Brough in 1916 and its later flight test centre at Holme on Spalding Moor, the numerous RAF Bomber Bases in the area during WW2 and today with the Elvington Air Museum.  

It is therefore hoped that there will be keen interest within the Pocklington and District u3a for a new group to be formed Aeronautical & Space Group which John Senior will lead. John has over 40 years career experience in both military and civil aircraft design after which he still maintains a very keen interest in all aspects aviation. 

It is proposed that the group will meet on a bi-monthly basis to view presentations and films on selected subject matter and to discuss and exchange information in a friendly and relaxed environment. Field trips to museums such as Elvington are also proposed. Any member of the group can request subject matter to be researched and presented at the next meeting and of course can volunteer to present it themselves should they wish.

Prospective members are invited to confirm their interest so that venue sizing/selection and start date etc. can be established. Please email


Following responses the Committee is now looking to set up a Pocklington & District u3a Facebook page. Further details will follow.


Parallel Lines have so much in common it’s a shame they can’t meet

Don't think my Grandad Jokes will win any awards!






Message from Ron Tinkler (Secretary)

Message from Ron Tinkler (Secretary)

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